Physical Security Services

Synergy provides a comprehensive tailored security solution. Working in a number of different markets and with a diversified portfolio, Synergy has the solution right for you. Our experience and expertise provide strategically designed solutions deployed with precision implementation resulting in a tailored security solution the redefines your expectation. 

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Residential Concierge Service

Synergy works hand in hand with property management to develop and deploy tailored comprehensive security solutions that mitigate the different and unique challenges and risk in a residential environment.

Synergy goes beyond the front desk; we are your frontline. Ready to assist management and residents with a focus on client experience and service while maintaining the integrity of building security.  Synergy recognizes the importance our security personnel has; we deliver continuity and peace of mind. Our employees are happy to come to work and strive to make a difference at their site every day. 

  • Front & Information Desk
  • Patrol Guard
  • Key Runner
  • PDI
  • Contractor Escort
  • Preventative Maintenance Patrol
  • Amenities Management
  • Assist Management Functions
  • AGM & Special Events
  • Parking Enforcement

Synergy has designed our residential service team to not only focus on excellent customer services but to assist the building management.  Management can assign a number of functions such as the supervision of building amenities, preventive maintenance patrols, and mechanical room checks.  Tailored services to meet the building and management requirements.

Services include SYNERGYConnect™ a robust and innovative proprietary solution that allows for complete control and monitoring of your security deployment. SYNERGYConnect™ offers clients a secure portal to order services, view reports, and analytics. It also controls and manages parking and amenities.


Synergy provides highly trained and adaptable Loss Prevention Investigator coverage throughout Ontario. Deploying tailored services that help mitigate our client's risk and losses. Our Loss Prevention Investigators circulate within the retail environments in plain clothes, to make observations, surveillance, detect, apprehend, charge offenses, under the Criminal Code of Canada.

Additionally, Synergy Loss Prevention Investigators will liaise with police and other outside agencies, as well as with store management, and will attend court or tribunals to provide testimony on behalf of our clients.

Fully digital and encrypted arrest database gives you instant analytics and in-depth insight to help you navigate and circumvent shrinkage.

  • Loss Prevention Investigators
  • Uniformed Security Guards
  • Theft & Fraud Investigations
  • Internal Investigations
  • Integrity Shopping
  • Mystery Shoppers
  • Shift End Checks
  • Complete Store Audits
  • Recovery Services
  • Loss Prevention Workshops

Film & Television Security Services

Film and television productions offer a unique challenge for security deployment. Ensuring the safety of the personnel,  the security of your equipment and information while deploying a cohesive, seamless service that does not inhibit production. Finding the right balance is critical to a successful and secure production.

Synergy understands those challenges by deploying a dynamic service that can pivot with the needs of the production-instantaneously.  By providing highly skilled and adaptable security professionals that are dependable in the most difficult situations. Coupled with innovative and specialized training for securing film and television productions, you will see a consistent and dedicated team to support your production and look out for your interests and liabilities.

  • Location Security
  • Access Control Security
  • Rush Line
  • Audience Loading
  • Equipment Security
  • Set & Studio Security
  • Talent Escorts & Security
  • Background & Extra Holding
  • Location Security Assessment

Construction Security Services

Synergy works closely with site management to develop and deploy a security solution that mitigates health and safety concerns as well as vandalism/theft issues. We offer tailored security services for projects ranging in size from retail plazas to hi-rise condominium projects.

Synergy provides a proactive approach servicing this market; choosing the right team that integrates well into the environment with the experience and understanding of the hazards and liabilities that can be costly for a project.  Synergy delivers a consistent and dependable service that can be tailored specifically to the challenges of your project as a standalone service or as part of an integrated package.

  • Static Security Guards
  • Traffic Control Services
  • Multipoint Access Control
  • Health & Safety Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Fire & Critical Machinery Watch
  • Logistic Inspections
  • Emergency Response
  • Key & Site Control
  • CCTV & System Monitoring

Guest & Hotel Security Service

Synergy offers security solutions to your hotel and guest services locations as a proactive measure or as an enforcement tool to enhance the safety and security of your guests and employees.

Your security impact’s your locations’ reputation – and ultimately your guests’ experience and satisfaction. Synergy delivers knowledgeable, friendly security solutions that are customer service driven. Specialized training and ongoing development will ensure your hotel receives best in class service that can deal with emerging problems and challenges while protecting your employee and guest.

Emergency Security Services

Unexpected security guard requirement?  Synergy has you covered!  We deploy for short or long term projects with the ability to deploy emergency coverage if required.

We are here 24/7 365 days a year to protect your people, assets, and interest.

The Synergy Difference

We're All About Our People!
and we show it! We pay above industry standards, full benefits and retirement contributions for all employees.  This promotes low turnover rates and delivers continuity to our clients. Additionally, all employees have access to take ongoing training and industry education course to advance their skills set and knowledge.

At the corporate level, we are a client-centric and innovative security agency that uses a triple bottom line business model dedicated to best practices and ongoing charitable initiatives. Check out what makes us different here!


Triple Bottom Line

More than a great service; Synergy operates a Triple bottom Line (TBL) Business Model; People, Planet and Profit.

100% Guaranteed

Synergy is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with our service we will make it right.

Real-time GPS Monitored

Every minute of our deployment is monitored in real-time through our GPS patrol system. Delivering a completely accountable service.

Synergy has the solution that is right for you; our experience and expertise provides strategically designed solutions deployed with precision implementation, results in a bespoke security service that redefine client expectations.

Why would you expect anything less?





SYNERGYConnect™ a robust and innovative proprietary solution that allows for complete control and monitoring of your security deployment. SYNERGYConnect™ offers clients a secure portal to order service, view reports, and analytics. It also controls and manages building parking and amenities.

• Order Service
• View Current Deployment
• View Historical Reports/Incidents
• Update Special Instructions
• Real-Time Activity
• Data Analytics

Site Guards
• Complete Report/Incidents
• Book & Manage Building Amenities
• Record Special Request Data
• Issue/Control Visitor Parking
• Key Control
• Package & Mail Control
• View Site SOP & Instructions