Crossing Guard Services

Welcome to Synergy Crossing Guard Services, your trusted provider dedicated to ensuring the safety of schools and municipalities in Ontario. Our unwavering commitment to supporting communities drives us to deliver reliable and professional crossing guard solutions that prioritize the well-being of students and pedestrians. With our team of highly trained and experienced crossing guards, we diligently create safe environments, facilitating smooth traffic flow and providing peace of mind to parents, educators, and local authorities.

Understanding the unique needs of each school and municipality we serve; Synergy takes a comprehensive approach to crossing guard services. Through careful planning, strategic placement, and effective communication, we work closely with educational institutions and local governments to identify high-risk areas and develop tailored solutions. By promoting responsible road behavior and raising awareness about pedestrian safety, we play a vital role in fostering secure and vibrant communities where students thrive, and residents feel confident in their daily commute.

Our Team!

At Synergy, we recognize that the dedication and satisfaction of our team are paramount to the success of our crossing guard services. As an employee-first organization, we prioritize open communication, collaboration, and personal growth to create a positive work environment. By fostering employee well-being and motivation, we ensure exceptional service to schools and municipalities across Ontario, making a lasting positive impact in our communities. Trust Synergy for unmatched expertise, unwavering dedication, and the highest level of safety in crossing guard services.

Existing City of Toronto Crossing Guard?

We are excited to share that as of this September, Synergy has taken over Zone 2 of the crossing guard contract for the City of Toronto. As a reliable provider of crossing guard services, our top priority is to ensure the safety of pedestrians, particularly our children.

If you are currently a crossing guard and would like to join our team, we welcome you to register with Synergy. By becoming a member of our team, you will play a crucial role in creating safe environments and protecting the well-being of the most vulnerable members of our community.

Follow the link below to register with Synergy and be considered for a fulfilling crossing guard position. At Synergy, we value diversity, experience, and a strong commitment to safety. We encourage all interested individuals to register.

Join us today at Synergy and help make a positive impact on the streets of Toronto. Together, we can strive toward a safer and brighter future for everyone in our community.