Drone & UAV Services

With Synergy’s Drone & UAV services we offer a new dimension of service. From building inspections to security assessments to real estate, Synergy’s Drone & UAV service can save time and money by allowing you to see the whole picture, in stunning 4k. Our services are in compliance with Transport Canada and carry the required credentials, experienced pilots and insurance for Drone and UAV operations within Canada.

 Infrastructure Inspections 

From power lines to cell towers, inspections are costly and risky. Mitigate that risk with Synergy’s Drone & UAV services, a safe and economical option to get the insight and data you need.

Building Inspections

Inspect many different aspects of both commercial and residential buildings. From window caulking to integrity of the roof, we can easily identify problems, saving you costly physical inspections.

 Construction Progress

Showcase your projects from foundation to the last pour; Synergy can provide stunning pictures and footage to demonstrate your company’s capabilities.

Commercial Real Estate

Demonstrate the value of your commercial property with spectacular aerial imagery, highlight existing tenants, anchor retailers, and location features.

Residential Real Estate

Make your listing stand out from the crowd. Engage and amaze potential purchasers with creative aerial imagery.

Security Assessments

Survey your property for potential security weakness. Capture intelligent data to make crucial decisions on your security infrastructure. Verify the integrity of areas that are challenging or dangerous to reach.




Experienced Pilots

Over 500 Hours of Flying 

2M Insurance

2 Million in dedicated  UAV Insurance Coverage

Drone Safety

Zero Accidents & Zero Near Misses