Service Verification Program

Are you currently using security service? Want to find out if you are getting what you’re paying for? Synergy has you covered! Take advantage of our  Service Verification Program at no cost or obligation and get your security service confidentially and discreetly verified.

Security service has become quite ubiquitous over the past decade and found in many different environments. Unforntaley the standards and quality have not kept pace, and many customers are not getting a service that is dependable or consistent. By utilizing Synergy’s Service Verification Program, you will verify that your security services are compliant with the regulations and your expectations.

How does it work?

Once you sign up and authorize Synergy, we schedule covert inspections of your locations, typically after hours and overnights. Think of a mystery shopper for a retail store, same principles apply. Services are inspected, and a comprehensive report is created along with a video. Inspections are completely confidential and discreet.

  • Verify Service Is Being Delivered
  • Know What You Are Paying For
  • Absolutely Free & No Obligations
  • Completely Confidential & Discreet
  • Detailed Inspection Report & Video
  • Ethics and Regulations Test Available

Take advantage today and get verified. Contact Synergy Today